The following is a partial list of Prowords from ACP 125-E and previously published USAF Training Guides

PROWORD                           EXPLANATION                                                                                  EQUIVALENT_PROSIGN
ALL AFTER             The portion of the message referenced is all which  follows                                                 AA
ALL BEFORE          The portion of the message referenced is all which  precedes                                              AB
BREAK                      Indicates separation of Text from the rest of the message .                                                   BT
CALL SIGN             The group that follows is a call sign.                                                                                         (None)
CORRECT               You are correct, or what you have transmitted is correct .                                                        C
CORRECTION        An error has been made in this transmission.                                                                  EEEEEEEE
                                    Transmission will continue with last word correctly transmitted.
DISREGARD THIS TRANSMISSION OUT.                                                                                                    EEEEEEE AR
                                    The current transmission is in error. Disregard it. (Not to be used
                                    for messages for which acknowledgment has been received.)
EXEMPT                   The addressee(s) immediately following are exempted from the collective call.                  XMT
FIGURES                   Numerals or numbers will follow.
FLASH                       Precedence, Reserved for the most urgent needs. .                                                                    Z
FROM                        The originator of this message.                                                                                                    FM
GROUPS                   The text of this message contains the number of words or groups                                        GR
                                     indicated  by the numeral which follow.
GROUPS NO COUNT- The groups in this message have not been counted.                                                    GRNC
IMMEDIATE             Send this before all other messages except those with FLASH Precedence.                        O
INFO                          The addressee immediately follow should receive this for information only                     INFO
INITIAL(S)                 Single letters follow.  (MARS use only)
I READ BACK         The following is my response to your instructions to read back.
I SAY AGAIN           I am repeating transmission or portion indicated                                                                    IMI
I  SPELL                   I shall spell the word phonetically.
I VERIFY                  That which follows has been verified at your request and is repeated.
                                   To be used only as a reply to VERIFY.
MORE TO FOLLOW-Transmitting station has more traffic for the receiving station.                                         B
NUMBER                 Station serial number. (For record traffic)                                                                                   NR
OUT                          This is the end of my transmission. No answer is required or expected                                AR
OVER                        This is the end of this transmission and a response is necessary .                                        K
PRIORITY                This message should be handled ahead of ROUTINE and MARSGRAM                            P
READ BACK            Repeat this entire transmission back to me exactly as received.                                             G
RELAY  (TO)             Transmit this message to all addressees (addressee) which follow this proword.              T
ROGER                      I have received your last transmission.  (Not an answer to a question)
ROUTINE                  Send after FLASH, IMMEDIATE, PRIORITY but before MARSGRAM.                              R
SAY  AGAIN            Repeat your last transmission or repeat the portion indicated                                               IMI
                                    by " ALL AFTER".
SERVICE                  The message which follows is a Service message                                                                    SVC
SILENCE                   Cease transmissions immediately.  Maintain until lifted.                                            HM HM HM
SILENCE LIFTED    Transmissions may resume after SILENCE has been previously ordered..
SPEAK SLOWER    Your transmissions are too fast.  Reduce speed.
THIS IS                      The following  transmission come from the callsign which follows.                                      DE
TIME                           The numerals which follow indicate the identifier for this message
TO                               Indicates the (action) addressee of this message                                                                    TO
UNKNOWN STATION The identity of the station heard is unknown.                                                         AA or QRZ
VERIFY                      Verify the entire message (or  portion) with the originator.  To be used only when            J
                                     the addressee has serious questions about the validity of a request or order.
WAIT                          Wait a few seconds        AS or ZUJ
WAIT OUT                 Wait for a longer period.  I will re-establish contact when I return to the air              AS  AR
WILCO                      I have received your signal and will comply.   ROGER is implied but not stated.
WORD AFTER         The word referenced is the word which follows                                                                    WA
WORD BEFORE      The word reference is the word which precedes                                                                   WB
WORDS TWICE       Communication is difficult. Transmit each word or phrase twice.
WRONG                     The last transmission was incorrect.  The corrected version follows.